L T I is a pioneer in quality assurance of translation processes.

With 32 years of work experience in the language translation field, Language Translators of India ensures that each and every document translation project undertaken by us meets the highest standard. Our Translators team consists of Local and Native Language Translators and Language Specialists who have more than 25-30 years work experience in translating technical and scientific documents from various Indian and Foreign languages into English and vice versa . By offering technical and business services in about 65+ languages from across the world, we provide solutions that are customized and unmatched.

There are so many softwares available that can translate documents into other languages on internet So, as a common man we think first why should we pay for this translation service ? when the software is available and we can execute the work free of cost.. The fact is that, because language is much complex on its own, and when it comes to translating language into another language, first of all we need to understand the sense behind each and every sentence. We should not blindly depend on such type of machine translated documents as they contain lot of technical and grammatical errors in the translated content. The expertise of a professionally qualified HUMAN Translator’s service is most essential when we translate Medical, Chemical ,Technical and Legal documents) from one language into another language. We must understand that the developers of these machine translation softwares don’t take any responsibility for the translated content as it is free of cost and it is meant just for knowing the general meaning to some extent.

Generally we need to translate documents to develop business activities in other States and Countries when their local language is not English. We at LTI have developed a Good Team of Highly qualified professional translators with different specializations who we can handle any kind of technical data and any volume of documents from any language to any language. We have so many clients in the translation field who place orders repeatedly as they are very happy with the services offered by our Language Translation Agency. Our Vision is to offer technical and business services to our valued customers in various Foreign and Indian languages at affordable prices. We take utmost care while translating documents from various Foreign and Indian languages into English and vice versa.